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My new release available on digital + cassette at ZEON LIGHT TAPES, just click here to listen more and to order it :


After my first shot "los angeles" (available at manchester based BAH DOOM RECORDINGS ) I still continue to explore this dark and melancolic side of my music.

"An Island" was created after a trip to Chausey Islands where some sounds and field recordings were trapped. I used keyboards and guitar processing + sound manipulations to achieve it. ////


Fortunately, having focused rather too much on piano-noodling – I’ve nothing against it, but it doesn’t really need to be here – Linear Bells breaks out the more atmospheric works in the shape of “Downtown Teenagers” and “Running After Miss Kittin”. The latter moves away from the sounds of nature to be buffeted by the noise of a more mechanical and industrial environment. It’s a powerful piece, and its mood is continued by the strident guitar work of “Solar Flare In My Mouth”, which nods in the direction of Linear Bells’ fellow countryman, M83.


This peculiar, 7-track issue comes out of France embarking on a journey with a whiff of concrete sounds which later will be interlaced with lone, reverb-laden guitar or piano chords and at times sparse, at times more swelling glitch-y noises, being embellished with fine ambient and drone-esque panoramas above it. On the other side, stylistically the set used to wobble in between gritty experimental electronica, anthemic yet somewhat restraint (or still life-ish) post-rock-ish aspirations, ang gliding drone and ambient-ish soundscapes. If you are intended to search for some kindred souls then I recommend to listen to Pygmalion-era Slowdive, Natural Snow Buildings, Pan American, Tim Hecker, Sejdman, Aboombong, for example.


An Island, his most recent release, was inspired by a trip to the Chausey Islands, the recorded sounds of which can be found peppered throughout the music. The result is captivating, and I think this album could even appeal to listeners who tend to shy away from ambiance. The very full sounds serve to ground the music and demand attention, and there's also more of a narrative and melodic flow to the pieces than you might expect.


Linear Bells’ An Island is a beautiful album that is torn between the various styles Teboul (re-)discovered for himself, but still consistent enough to not fall into the trap of pleasing everybody with an expanded range of styles. The cinematic approach luckily remains a bold factor of the album, but its utter importance wanes due to equally significant additions like nature-and-town field recordings. Especially the first few tracks of the album provide beautiful wood and creek tableaus. And finally, the intermixture of synthetic strings with real instruments like violins, acoustic guitars and pianos is even more important than on the Los Angeles EP. There is one element that I consider particularly successful, and it’s the hardest to achieve: the multitextured drones. While this kind of music exists since the late 90’s and rose to fame after the beginning of the millennium, it was and still remains astonishing to me how beautiful a collection blurry, hazy, pulsating and gurgling guitar or synth strings can sound when they are whizzing and whirring in the background. If a field recording of gushing wind is added to the scenery, as it happens in Downtown Teenagers, the effect is mind-blowing to me. Even though there are no distinct melodies perceptible, the elegancy and raw power of these drones make Ambient music so great to me. Teboul’s album puts the focus away from the 80’s synths and their related dryness and exchanges both for a lusher, more resplendent setup.


First, there’s Linear Bells‘ c46 An Island, seven extensive experimental ambient musings for your Tuesday afternoon contemplation, composed and arranged by Nantes, France native David Teboul, “created after a trip to Chausey Islands where some sounds and field recordings were trapped”. Splendid.


Continuous until uncomfortable. In the 6 minutes and 44 excessively magnetic seconds of “Solar Flare In My Mouth”, permanence is caught. French composer Linear Bells’ An Island is now available via the Swedish tape label Zeon Light.
The linear electric sound of a light on midway, split hair ends skittering between shoulder blades, sunned vision that makes vision look like semi-transparent felt, the cleanliness of ill people holding spaces, the eternal roar of city beepers, the ghostliness of commonplace conversation. The uninterrupted loop, unending until uncomfortable.

VERB/RE/VERB (Los Angeles / USA).

NOTE that this album is set on a FIX price on BandCamp by all meas go and give a thorough listen and if you can afford it… do not think think twice as “An Island” is simply a masterpiece from [ Linear Bells ]. Perfect mix between sound manipulations, field recordings, mainly created with acoustic and analog.



released May 8, 2012




all rights reserved


Linear Bells Nantes, France

Linear Bells is a composer and sound artist.
His music is a mix between sound manipulations, field recordings, mainly created with acoustic and analogic instruments. LB.

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